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Pleasures Unlimited is your Adult Store for you to purchase products to share and explore your intimate desires. We have a huge range of body products and adult toys; so whatever your pleasure is, you should find it in our store. For any questions you can chat to our discreet and knowledgeable staff using the private chat below.

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How does the Aneros prostate stimulator work?

Posted on Sep 27, 2017 Health and Wellbeing by
While the Aneros is a rigid toy, it motions inside your body in reaction to your anal sphincter’s contractions. It is...

Colonic Cleaning for Anal Sex.

Posted on Sep 02, 2017 Health and Wellbeing by
With anal sex becoming a normal and regular part of sex we are often asked about enemas. This very informative guide...

Busting Sex Myths

Posted on Aug 04, 2017 Health and Wellbeing by
So you think you know a thing or two about sex? That may be so but how many of these Myth’s do you believe are...

Male Masturbation

Posted on Jul 07, 2017 Sexual Empowerment by
Let’s face it guys. Masturbation is a part of our lives. If you’re not thinking about it you are doing it. If you...

How To Find Your G-Spot

Posted on May 31, 2017 Sexual Empowerment by
The elusive G-spot is one of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to women's sexual health.
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