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How does the Aneros prostate stimulator work?

How does the Aneros prostate stimulator work?

How does the Aneros prostate stimulator work?

While the Aneros is a rigid toy, it motions inside your body in reaction to your anal sphincter’s contractions. It is important to know that the anal sphincter contracts and relaxes in response to your general arousal during both the stimulation phase (more so as your arousal increases) and the orgasm. During orgasm, in particular, the anal sphincter will contract spasmodically.

So, in reaction to your anal sphincter’s contractions:

The Aneros’s inner finger gets pushed against your prostate, providing a deep massage on the prostate before and during ejaculation.

    • During ejaculation, the prostate hardens as it contracts, so the Aneros’s pressure on the prostate at this particular moment is unmistakeable, helping you to focus on the sensations emanating from your prostate.
    • This is both enjoyable and educational. It can help you in identifying where those weird orgasmic sensations you’ve grown accustomed to ever since your early teen years come from.
    • Knowledge is power. Knowing where they come from in the first step in taking control over them and using them to your advantage!

The Aneros’s outer fulcrum rocks on your p-spot, providing a slight massage on a surprisingly sensitive and usually ignored area at the base of your erect penis (behind the scrotum). More importantly, this outer fulcrum massages on your ejaculation chamber.

    • During ejaculation, the fulcrum’s on and off pressure provides a pulsating massage to the base of your cock that partially impedes on your ejaculation, while also contributing to increase the pressure in the pre-ejaculation chamber.
    • While this might seem like a weird idea at first, the end result is desirable as it prolongs ejaculation.

This is why the Aneros is such an interesting toy. The inner finger contributes to magnify the feeling from your prostate while the outer fulcrum slightly impedes on your ejaculation. All this without overly stretching the anal sphincter (something that’s not desirable for most men, contrary to what one could believe looking at porn). All in all, the Aneros allows you to better enjoy your manly orgasm.

The Aneros can be used as an addition to your usual penile massage, or you can use the anal sphincter’s contractions to massage the prostate without even touching the penis. To do this and find out what muscle to use, stop the flow of your urine when you are peeing. The muscle you use to stop the flow is what you use.

With practice and time, some men can make themselves cum this way. This orgasm is really interesting as it is completely different from the penile orgasm we all know and love as men. The prostatic orgasm is a deep and unfocussed full-body orgasm; a feeling that’s totally different from the penile orgasm which puts all the spotlight on your cock and your ejaculation.

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